Game Prototype.

I chose the topic of Social inequality because in my opinion it is one of the most relevant problems that exist on the big scale in my country and on the smaller in my university and in my day to day life. There is a huge class gap problem in Egypt, and a lot of people live in a bubble and don’t see how privileged they are and how not paying for their education for example is a luxury. I don’t get to interact with many classes and it was very challenging to create a game with user experience that is also realistic and isn’t offensive. I tried to read as much as i can from the point of view of scholars and students and picture all the problems a student that is trying to earn (and pay for) a diploma while balancing his social life, family drama and maintain his health, may face.

This is my first draft and i hope by the end of creating this game i can achieve something that would make people not only look at the gap but try to bridge it.

Here is the link for my game: Dad, I Want a Diploma.


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